Orisha Anniversary

Like a thief in the night, she sunk her teeth in the bite.
Oh, she really did a number on me. I fell for her like Rome.
Her braids sprawled out and covered all space — flowing like the rivers of Oshun. She was a real one. A master in the spiritual — she put the Voodoo, the Santeria, the Vodun, the Ifa, and the Yoruba all on me.

One look in her eyes and you’re mesmerized. You’ll see the entire herstory of Egypt. From the Nefretiti’s to the Ptolemies. The ups and the downs. My heart blazes with an eternal crimson flame — for her, the castle of my love will stand the vicissitudes of time — withstanding the sand like the pyramids.

She is a mixture of awe inspiring wonder — the cliffs of Moher and the earthly tenderness of Mother Africa. She was once mine. I thought I had a Love Jones. Instead all I got are these fading memories that turn to dust like old bones.

She’s gone. She’s moved on. And It’s all good…In the hood. She can be all that for someone else. Ancient history and modern wonders all rolled up into an almost perfect being.

Gotta keep my head up, my queen is out there. Somewhere. And she’ll get my eternal love like Cleopatra and Marc Antony. I’ll forever remember — this is our Orisha Anniversary.




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