Oscar Wao Getting Jumped

206 bones in the human body. 14 in the hand. 26 in your foot. I relish in the macabre, my brand is the darkness. A ghetto geek from the projects, a hood ass nerd. Who woulda thought this dumb Boricua would be living in a world of magical realism. The fantastical and wonderous life of a Nate — Fuck a Oscar Wao. Homie corny. I sit in bed with slides of X-rays reading his bone structures for bed time stories. Cuz I never been violent until I’m with the homies. And If I ever come across Oscar Wao’s corny ass Ima break his femur…or two. Cuz I ain’t ever fucked with you.

Now let’s get serious…

Sublimation — a solid to a vapor. That’s you.

Using the language of the ruling class not as a method of revolt or to dismantle the system, but to assimilate into cultural hegemony. You talk about struggle but your shit is a commodified story for the oppressors. A POC narrating a story for the white, educated, ruling class audience.

When I see you Oscar Wao, Ima jump you my dude.



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