The Blob

“Myth can reach everything, corrupt everything, and even the very act of refusing oneself to it. So the more the language-object resists at first, the greater its final prostitution; whoever here resists completely, yields completely.” — Roland Barthes

Watergate was not a scandal.
The revolution came and went.
Everything you want and need served to you on a digital plate.
The algorithm — the code. The signs reflecting off themselves — reproducing themselves. The amorphous blob seeping into every crevice of life in full on banality. The system of signs is the system of horror.

Reality is always imitated by the pixels of the terminal. Now all we have are endless feedback loops of perpetually embellished versions of daily life.

It is impossible to argue with rationality.
It is impossible to argue with nature.
It is impossible to argue with science.

The rationalist has reason on their side after all.
The system is rational, right?

Is freedom attained by a strict adherence to the rigid laws of physics?
Are we trapped in predetermination? Will 2x2 always equal 4?

Will 2x2 always control my life?

Nietzsche wanted to philosophize with a tiny hammer. He wanted to tap on the statues of Gods to see if they rang hollow.

It seems everything is ringing. Hope is equal to apathy. A single tap and the whole thing implodes together like the twin towers.

What remains is catharsis — a weaponization of weakness.




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